Year of St Joseph

The prayer associated with the Plenary Indulgence is "To you, O blessed Joseph" (Ad te, beate Ioseph).

To you, O blessed Joseph, do we come in our afflictions, and having implored the help of your most holy Spouse, we confidently invoke your patronage also. Through the charity which bound you to the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God and through the paternal love with which you embraced the Child Jesus, we humbly beg you graciously to regard the inheritance which Jesus Christ has purchased by his Blood, and with your power and strength to aid us in our necessities.

O most watchful guardian of the Holy Family, defend the chosen children of Jesus Christ; O most loving father, ward off from us every contagion of error and corrupting influence: O our most mighty protector, be kind to us and from heaven assist us in our struggle with the powers of darkness.

As once you rescued the Child Jesus from deadly peril, so now protect God's Holy Church from the snares of the enemy and from all adversity; shield, too, each one of us by your constant protection, so that, supported by your example and your aid, we may be able to live piously, to die in holiness, and to obtain eternal happiness in heaven. Amen.


Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ, hear us.

Christ graciously hear us.

God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.

God the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us.

Holy Mary, pray for us.

St Joseph, pray for us.

Illustrious son of David, pray for us.

Light of patriarchs, pray for us.

Spouse of the Mother of God, pray for us.

Chaste guardian of the Virgin, pray for us.

Foster father of the Son of God, pray for us.

Watchful defender of Christ, pray for us.

Head of the Holy Family, pray for us.

Joseph most just, pray for us.

Joseph most chaste, pray for us.

Joseph most prudent, pray for us.

Joseph most valiant, pray for us.

Joseph most obedient, pray for us.

Joseph most faithful, pray for us.

Mirror of patience, pray for us.

Lover of poverty, pray for us.

Model of workmen, pray for us.

Glory of home life, pray for us.

Guardian of virgins, pray for us.

Pillar of families, pray for us.

Solace of the afflicted, pray for us.

Hope of the sick, pray for us.

Patron of the dying, pray for us.

Terror of demons, pray for us.

Protector of Holy Church, pray for us.

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,

Spare us, O Lord!

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,

Graciously hear us, O Lord!

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,

Have mercy upon us!

V/. He made him the lord of His household.

R/. And prince over all his possessions.

Let us pray.

O God, Who in Thine ineffable Providence didst vouchsafe to choose Blessed Joseph to be the spouse of Thy most holy Mother, grant, we beseech Thee, that he whom we venerate as our protector on earth may be our intercessor in Heaven. Who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

Our Father.

Hail Mary.

Glory be.

Lent, 2021

Shetland is one of the very few parishes in Scotland currently still able to worship together during the pandemic. Although mainland Scotland is in lockdown, the Scottish Government has left Orkney and Shetland and some of the Western Isles in Level 3 restrictions.

Many of our parishioners are still shielding because of the coronavirus situation, others are kept at home by this year's hard winter weather, so I have invited everyone to submit ideas for online resources to be used during Lent. Here are a few suggestions:

Station Masses.

There is a strong tradition in the Diocese of Aberdeen of "Station Masses" in Lent where the bishop and diocesan clergy and as many parishioners as possible gather in one church each Friday to celebrate Mass together. This year all the Masses will be streamed online. The first will be on Friday 19th February from Aberdeen, beginning with Stations of the Cross at 6.30 p.m. and followed by Mass at 7 .m.


The YouTube links are included in the above PDF poster. The links go live a few minutes before 6.30 p.m. each Friday.

A blessed Lent from the Ogilvie Centre!

Just wanted to share a few resources with you this Lent, to share with your parishioners or families you work with:

Bishop Hugh and the Kerygma

Bishop Hugh will be offering 5 homilies on the 5 basic points of the Christian kerygma at the 11am Mass livestreamed on Sundays from St Mary's. Here's a link to the first one:

Kerygmatic Bishop Hugh

St Paul Center Course: Bible and the Mass Free for Lent

Scott Hahn leads this beautiful and insightful video series. It will be available after Lent for a considerable price, but during Lent, you can access the videos free. I've begun to listen and can't more highly recommend the approximately 20 minutes you spend on each lesson!!

St Paul Center Course

Catholic Distance University

During Lent and Easter, why not earn a certificate in Old or New Testament or another area of interest? Lent is also a good time to focus on earning a catechist certificate for new catechists:

Continuing Education Certificates

With our diocesan discount, each module costs only around £30. Email Sr Anna Christi at to obtain the diocesan discount code.

God bless you! Sr Anna Christi, OP

RC Diocese of Aberdeen Ogilvie Centre for New Evangelization and Catechesis

Ethiopia appeal for Mary's Meals

Dear friends, in recent weeks you may have heard something of the grave news from Tigray in northern Ethiopia. An armed conflict between the federal and regional governments has escalated into a shocking humanitarian crisis. We are hearing harrowing reports of tens of thousands of families displaced from their homes and that as many as 4.5 million people are without access to basic food, medical and sanitary supplies across the region! We have been working in Tigray for many years where our trusted partners the Daughters of Charity normally serve over 24,000 children with Mary’s Meals. We are now working with the daughters of Charity to respond further and provide desperately needed support to the children and families affected by this crisis. As people of faith we are asking you to partner with us by holding the people of Tigray, and the emergency work we are doing there, in your prayers.

To find out more about this appeal please visit


Thank you.

Hilde and Pete celebrated Ash Wednesday at home on Papa Stour, using a form of the liturgy prepared for places in lockdown.

Anne recommends the programme of the Scottish Laity Network. There are a series of events on the theme, "Discipleship for Artisans of our own Destiny - Praparing for the Future".



  • Link to talks on YouTube
  • Further details are available from

    Marsali has some suggestions for Lenten reading: my regular Lenten and Advent reading is a pair of books edited by Janet Morley. The Advent one is Haphazard by Starlight, and the Lent one is The Heart’s Time. There’s a poem for each day of Lent, excluding Sundays, around a theme for each week, and each poem is followed by commentary, part poetry-criticism, part meditation. The poems are both modern and older, with authors ranging from St Augustine to Rowan Williams. A wonderful “coffee break” daily exercise.

    Other books I’d really recommend: if you’re not used to reading theology, but want to give it a go, C S Lewis is wonderfully accessible. The Screwtape Letters pretends to be written by an older devil to a younger one on the best ways of tempting his human, and it has wonderfully shrewd comments on the ways we fool ourselves. Miracles is about the biggest miracle of all: that God could come down to earth in the Incarnation. Mere Christianity is going back to basics.

    If you want something witty and acerbic, Dorothy L Sayers has wonderful essays on theology - the main book of them is out of print, but you can still get copies of Unpopular Opinions and The Whimsical Christian secondhand. G K Chesterton is also very readable, though for me he comes across as more opinionated.

    Who Moved the Stone by Frank Morison is my Holy Week read. It takes the four Gospel accounts of the crucifixion and compares them. It’s an older book, so, fellow women, just grit your teeth at his many phrases that begin “Women” (like “Women are always prone to delays on joint expeditions…”).

    For teenagers, I loved Unapologetic: why in spite of everything Christianity can still make surprising emotional sense by Francis Spufford. I’d say 14 +.

    Bishop Hugh has also sent some Lenten reading in the form of a magazine, Living in Faith in the age of COVID-19. It contains links to other resources recommended by the Scottish Bishops' Conference.


    Barbara's recommendation:

    As I can’t get to town, I have been using a website called

    My Catholic Life.

    The Lenten reflections are organised weekly and are very useful. I thought this may be of use to others unable to get to Church.

    Year of St Joseph, 8th December 2020 - 8th December 2021.

    The Holy Father has issued an Apostolic Letter, "Patris corde" ("With a Father's Heart") to launch the year of St Joseph. The official Vatican text is given below:


    Midnight Mass at St Margaret's, 25th December 2020

    The Church before people started to arrive. The red glow comes from the Quartz heaters. In place of sung carols this year we had musical versions played by the music group on organ, guitar and Shetland fiddle.

    Our crib set has been a part of the parish Christmas celebrations since the Jesuits took over the parish in 1954.

    Second Concert for Africa, 12th September 2019

    We held a fundraising concert for the four Ghanaian students our parish are sponsoring through their tertiary education in the form of a "Songs of Praise" evening of hymns and poems. It was a huge success and raised a total of GBP 864.50 for the Education Bursary Fund. Since we began fundraising in September 2018 the parish has raised over five thousand pounds for this cause. More details of the students we are supporting will be found on the Africa Fund page. (See link in sidebar).

    This evening concert was also the first time we used our new wall-mounted quartz heaters in the church. These were bought from money left to the parish by the late Wilma Laurenson of Lerwick.

    Summer Pilgrimage to Bressay, 14th August 2019

    We celebrated a Vigil Mass of the Assumption of Our Lady in the medieval ruins of St Mary's Church, Cullingsburgh, at 3p.m. on Wednesday 14th August. This was an early Christian site and the 10th Century Bressay stone was found near here in 1852. We were blessed with fine weather and had a splendid day on the island. We were joined by Deacon Paul Rooney from Liverpool and seminarian Aidan Matheson from Scots College, Rome.

    Seminarian on Summer Placement in Shetland

    Aidan Matheson, who has just completed his first year of studies at Scots' College, Rome, was with us from 17th July until 27th August. He assisted with various apostolates around the parish and half way through his stay went sailing with parishioner Marsali Taylor. This photo was taken near Vementry. We wish Aidan well with the remainder of his studies in Rome.

    Chapel for one opens on Yell

    Parishioners Anne and Peter Dobbing have opened an inter-faith chapel in the grounds of their B&B at Gutcher. The "Sixteen Chapel" has been constructed from recycled and gifted materials and has caught the imagination of the press since it is large enough only for one person. An article in "The Times" credits it with being the U.K.'s smallest chapel.

    The chapel was blessed by Fr Ambrose on 1st June during an inter-faith garden party. It is open daily to anyone seeking a place for quiet prayer or contemplation. Location: The Old Post Office, beside the ferry terminal, Gutcher, Yell.

    Fr William Damah preaches Mission Appeal, 12th May 2019

    Fr William Damah, originally from Ghana but now working in the Diocese of Motherwell, preached at all Masses on 12th May on behalf of the Spiritan Missionaries working in Ghana. The appeal raised GBP 366.73.

    On the following day we made an excursion to the island of Unst, the northernmost point of the British Isles. Fr William is pictured here on board a replica Viking ship at Haroldswick. The longboat was built with the intention of recreating a Viking voyage from Sweden to America and sailed as far as Shetland before being found unseaworthy! It has now taken its place in a display of Viking heritage in Unst.

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