Masses outside Lerwick

At present there is only one regular Mass outside of Lerwick: Voe Kirk, 5 miles south of Brae. It is hoped to say Mass on the islands (Fetlar, Yell, Unst, Papa Stour, Fair Isle) in the summer months. The priest is also available for Mass anywhere in Shetland where a congregation of at least four can be assured. Please give the priest at least one week's notice of your request so that week day Masses in Lerwick can be rescheduled.

Voe Kirk, North Mainland

Mass is said in the Church of Scotland Voe Kirk every other Sunday at 8.30 am. This Mass serves Catholics in the North Mainland and on Yell.

The next Masses will be: 22 April and 6 May at 8.30 am

Fetlar Kirk

There will be Mass in the Kirk on Fetlar (North Isles)on Monday 30th April at 11.30 a.m.

Papa Stour Kirk

There was Mass in the old Kirk on Papa Stour on Wednesday 28th February as part of a parish Lenten Retreat-Day.

Next Mass: - to be announced.

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