Jesuit Mission (1954-1988)

The Jesuit order took over the parish in 1954 and Lerwick had a resident Parish Priest for the first time since 1871.

The following priests served the Shetland Islands:

Fr Ryland Whittaker, SJ, (1954-1961)

Fr Francis Cairns, SJ, (1956-1959)

Fr William Ryan, SJ, (1961-1965)

Fr Brian Riordain, SJ, (1965-1980)

Fr Rory Geoghegan, SJ, served at Sullom Voe during the oil boom (1976-1985)

Fr Fintan Creaven, SJ, (1980)

Fr Thomas Lakeland, SJ, (1980)

Fr Michael Spencer, SJ, (1980-1981)

Fr Gerald Fitzgibbon, SJ, (1981-86)

Fr Victor Riederer, SJ, (1986-1988)

In 1988 the Jesuits gave the parish back to the diocese of Aberdeen.

Fr Victor Riederer, SJ, was Parish Priest of Lerwick from 1986-88.

Fr Riederer with David and Rosaleen Williamson on their wedding day.

St Margaret's Church, Lerwick, in the 1980s.

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